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#1 can
#2 getting my name tattooed on your body doesn
#3 guys... stop using references I don
#4 can
#5 love everybody. Some I love to be around, some I love to avoid, and others I love to punch in the face.
#6 hate when people talk while I
#8 pisses me off when i read a really bad status submission on Status Stalker and I accidentally hit the
#9 Rick Santorum suspends his campaign, ending his bid for the White House. In other news, Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death Star.
#10 is everybody talking about getting high and hungover? Can
#11 sick of all the Irish stereotypes. As soon as I finish this drink, I
#12 Zuckerberg paid $1 Billion for Instagram? He could
#13 Rule: If I hold the door open for you and you walk by without thanking me I am guaranteed at least one attempt at trying to trip you.
#14 refuse to take a single bite of my food until I find something good on TV.
#15 snapping sound of a rubber glove being put on triggers my
#16 may not be a cash cost but there
#17 feel like such a badass every time I remove & eat my Microwave dinner immediately without letting it stand 1-2 minutes to complete cooking
#18 you just gotta put your face in your jar of weed, inhale and let that smell of dankness reassure you that everything will be okay.

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